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InternationalImportance of a lawyer for E-commerce

September 12, 2020
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E-commerce, as we all know, is the in-thing now. There is hardly any business which is not dependent on E-commerce directly or indirectly. It has practically pervaded all aspects of our life. People who are not involved in any jobs or activities have also been affected by E-commerce as it has become a part of our daily household needs. This has propelled this business to such an extent, that we do not now consider an Ecommerce market as global rather it is local. With the daily needs of people changing, for an E-Commerce start up, it is imperative that it takes steps and measures which are legally binding. There in the role of a lawyer  becomes very important to ensure that the business is safe from all aspects.

While preparing a foothold for the E-commerce business, several factors like the Privacy Policy, Confidentiality, Disclaimer, other Terms & Conditions, tax, Risk, change in law, fraud, Intellectual property Rights protection etc. play a pivotal role in strengthening the business structure.

Apart from that, specific agreements with suppliers are also important to ensure continuity of business.

In any business, sharing and exchanging of information of the customers plays a big role and in E-commerce with its online platform for payment and other activities, strict laws pertaining to maintaining the privacy of the customers is a must. Lawyers do contribute to ensure the  compliance of such privacy.

A lawyer can also help in protecting the business’s intellectual property namely trademark and copyright. Proper and timely action on any infringement helps to protect the business to the detriment of the infringer.

A lawyer can also deal with any customer complaints regarding the service or the goods. Though the deal is between the supplier and the end user, but there are at times when the platform is also unnecessary pulled in-to the line of fire.

With the advent of new technological reforms day in and day out, laws keep on changing and a lawyer can help the platform to upgrade its website in terms of the new laws as and when they come.

The lawyer also acts as risk mitigating factor for the E-commerce business as the agreements which are created between the stake holders are very important and play the most important role when any dispute arises between the parties.